Thursday, April 25, 2013

25 - Walk With Me (Writing About an Image)

Far away
the blueness on the horizon tugs
strings pulled tight and we're compelled

toward that blueness
toward the vast waves of clouds and trees and

do you remember getting lost, you and I?
In the forest
where every sound is an overture
an adventure

I won't forget
the tangy scent of trees
the rolling of the clouds
the warmth of that blue
that we bridged together

24 - Depression (Writing About an Image)

The trees took her

Dragged her down and down
into the earth


tied down and torn
shards of a woman


stitched and laced and sewn
a jigsaw of hip and hand and lips
a monster

the trees dragged her down

into the darkness
where only dripping water can console her

and she can't even remember
her own name

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23 - The Original Thought (Writing About an Image)

I need to dream of something bigger

a centered peace disrupted
by cars and papers and
loud colors

dying clouds

little, tiny, distracting

I must think of something, now
before it's too late

Digging deep into the subconscious, ideas
pouring out suddenly like a wound
bleeding out memories
words and stories and
the icy cut of insults
knocked aside

He thought and thought and
puddled everything in the middle
a fiery sun trapped in his mind

and he burned
he burned

he burned

Monday, April 22, 2013

22 - Everything (Writing About an Image)

When nothing is left except
the palaces we built as children

when the sky streaks gold
and bleeds into the last area of dark

look for me
behind our favorite pillar

behind the black-edged mountains
with a halo of light

When all the we can hear is
our heartbeats

the song
we wrote as children

find me
take my hand

I'll lead you safely into the dark

21 - Goodbye (Writing About an Image)

There was something sad about the way
the angel begged
his friend to stay

dried wood and fragile straws
dried and dead and
crumbling to dust

but the angel begged

I need you

Nay, said the creature, you have
silken wings


I need you

The creature crumbled into the earth

20 - Hope (Writing About an Image)

She planted the roses in the desert

cut blooms

no roots

red beauty in the dry, cracked earth

But she was ready for the rains to come
and so was he


waiting for a new bloom

waiting for the earth to bleed
new life

Friday, April 19, 2013

19 - Cosmos (Writing About an Image)

This world is so small
a tree
and we are the fruit

The moon is so close,
we can taste it

or we want to

the grass cool beneath
our feet as we reach
space even colder
our lungs, but intoxicating

we don't want to go

the beauty
is too much to leave behind

spiraling headlong

into darkness